Fred Kelly:

We’ve had an adventurous summer! We didn’t have classes so we’ve been able to put in some extra time in at FLRS, which is good, as classes have resumed for the fall, and Jonathan and Val are expecting their second child early next year. We have a lot to do, and not much time to do it in.

The first thing we did was to throw ourselves into an FLRS remix project, in which we take “odds and sods” (alternate takes, unreleased tracks, or complete from-the-ground-up remixes), mix them really really well, and post them to Soundcloud for folks to hear. We got about half a dozen tracks going from various musicians we’ve worked with over the years, with plans to do about a half dozen more. We hope to start releasing those soon, but we got held up a bit because…

…we’ve started a new website while trying to finish all these mixes, and have been working to make it presentable as soon as possible. The new mixes will be released one at a time, at regular intervals, both to showcase the studio andwebsite, and also to showcase the musicians who recorded the tracks.

We also got held up because we’ve spend the last month or so making some changes to the studio itself. Some of those changes involve selling gear we don’t use as much, but the most exciting changes have been additions to the studio: specifically, some excellent new preamps on the “front end” of the recording process, and some absolutely *fabulous* additions for the mixing/mastering processes. We’re really, really excited about these changes, as we believe that they will help us to make even better-sounding recordings more efficiently.