Remix Project #0: An Explanation

Jonathan Kelly:

Fred never forgets.  Songs at least.  Fred never forgets a song, or a demo of a song, or an idea of a song, no matter how old.  He's like a fireman going back into a burning building again and again: no song left behind!
On its surface, the Remix Project might appear to be just a revisiting of old material that we've worked on over the years, but what it really is is a song reclamation project.  Some of our oldest stuff we were very limited in the mixing.  Some songs never made it to a CD (as quaint as that sounds), and were stuck in half-finished limbo.  Some songs we radically stripped down before their release, only to have the specter of the original arrangement hanging in the air...what if?
We've acquired so much know-how and equipment over the years, and now just seemed like a good time to go back and try to remix some of these songs.  We'll try to write a little bit about the history and the process on them as we go, but ultimately we're just excited and happy to get to put them in people's ears so finally they may rest.  And the ranks of songs that Fred will lead us to save goes down by one.
Many of these are songs by clients or friends, and we've checked in with them to make sure they're cool with our doing these remixes.  So far, everyone is on board.  First up: Travel Analogy by Tommy Bateman.  Enjoy!