House Projects:

the henrys

Jonathan Kelly, Fred Kelly, Tommy Bateman, J.D. Reager.  Photo by Quentin Tarantino.  Of course that's not true.  Foot fetish jokes!

Tommy Bateman and Fred Kelly were working as congressional interns in Washington, DC when they decided to form a band upon their return to Memphis, which would be called the henrys. They asked their brothers, Jonathan and Trace, to be a part of the henrys, and Tommy Sexton was recruited on drums shortly thereafter.

J.D. Reager was brought into the band in 1996 to be the henrys' new drummer, and he ended up being a fellow songwriter and vocalist as well. The band broke up in 1998, but not before releasing two albums and an EP.

the henrys (self titled): 1997

Recorded with Mark Yoshida at Rockingchair Studio in Memphis, TN.  

Flyers by Amanda Holcomb