Studio Clients:

Hudson K

Nate Barrett, Christina Horn, and the Picture of Dorian Gray

Christina Horn emerged onto the Knoxville music scene not long after The Rockwells did. She was already known as a stellar musician, but had begun to move from her classical background to some rock/pop/experimental material. Nate Barrett, on the other hand, had been performing as a percussionist and dancer for years. The two formed the core of Hudson K, a great Knoxville band fusing dance, experimental, and performance art influences.

When we first worked with them in 2009, they had already put out a debut recording; together we made the follow-up, called Shine. At that time, the band also included contributions from Rachel Parton and Jeff Christmas. We worked together again a few years later on the band’s next single, “The Knife”. The core duo remains, as exciting and adventurous as ever.

Remix Project #3: I Gave It All