Hello there!  Famous London Recording Studio is a Knoxville, Tennessee based studio partnership between Fred Kelly and Jonathan Kelly.  This site is a repository for music recorded at the studio, as well as any other projects the Kelly Bros. have made, worked on, or thought about.  

We'll try to put our most recent posts here on this front page, or you can peruse the archive.  

Remix Project #0: An Explanation

Fred never forgets.  Songs at least.  Fred never forgets a song, or a demo of a song, or an idea of a song, no matter how old.  He's like a fireman going back into a burning building again and again: no song left behind!



We’ve had an adventurous summer! We didn’t have classes so we’ve been able to put in some extra time in at FLRS, which is good, as classes have resumed for the fall, and Jonathan and Val are expecting their second child early next year.