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Christabel and the Jons

Christabel, et al.

Christabel and the Jons were a contemporary of The Rockwells in Knoxville in the 2000s. Although our music was very different (the Jons being largely acoustic), we still played some shows together, and would see each other around (Knoxville’s scene is pretty tight-knit). Their multi-instrumentalist, Seth Hopper, played on some Rockwells recordings, and when the time came for the Jons to record their Christmas album in 2009, the band got a lot of the basic tracks done, and came to FLRS to finish it off. We ended up recording several of the songs from scratch, overdubbing on all the rest, and mixing the entire album. The results were very successful, and although Christa moved out of the continental US, the band still plays together when it can.